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Narsimha avatar - Man-Lion Incarnate

Narsimha avatar - Man-Lion Incarnate

Narsimha is considered the Forth Incarnate of Vishnu. So far nine have appeared. Tenth Lord Kalki, who would be puraaaavatar [Complete Incarnate] is yet to appear.

This Incarnate appeared for a very period and was of limited scope. A Wiki entry is a very good one. In his previous avatara of Varaha [the Boar], Vishnu killed a rakshasa known as Hiranyaksha. Hiranyaksha's brother Hiranyakashipu, greatly angered by this, started to abhor Vishnu and his followers.

The rakshasa propitiated Brahma with hardest of meditations, and finally He had to come to grant a boon. But He would not a grant immortality of bodyily entry into heaven. The Rakshas thought for a moment and craved a boon like this: I would not killed by a man or a beast. I may not be killed during the day or during the night. I may not be killed within or outside a house. I may not be killed while on ground or in the air water. I may not be killed by any weapons, hand held or launched.

Quite a watertight boon. Since it did not directly ask for immortality, Brahma granted it! Have you read Lord of the Rings? Sauron has special powers and he set himslef as a dark lord. So did the Rakshasa. Absolute immunity [he thought] from death is absolute power and can corrupt absolutely. So, he started a campaign against Vishnu, prohibiting His worship, rather the very Name, of Vishnu. Armed with virtual immortality, he set himself as God, and ordered all his subjects to worship none but himself. A reign of religious terror. Brahma, though he weilds an ultimate and irrestible weapon called Bramastra, could not kill him without falsifying His boon. Same dilemma was there with Shiva and Vishnu, who too had irrestible weapons. Even Yama, the Lord of Death, declined for fear of falsification of his powers. Only thing he predicted was that the Rakshasa was still slayable.

Dear members, have you examined the boon and analysed with every reason and logic? You would find loopholes in that.

The Rakshasa had a son called Prahalad, a highly revered figure [though a rakshasa], and he was an unswerable devotee of Vishnu. His father tried to kill him repeatedly, but he was saved by Vishnu, who was biding for time. He could not intervene without a direct challenge, and challenge soon came. One day the Rakshasa bound his son to a piller heated to red heat and taunted him : Where is your Vishnu? Call him!!

Challenge accepted. Vishnu burst forth from the pillar, Prahalad was freed. Vishnu appeared as half man half lion. Except His head and mouth and claws, which were leonine, He was a human. NEITHER man nor beast. He carried no weapons.

Vishnu, of coyse bested the Rakshasa in unarmed combat, overpowered him ans sat on the THREASHOLD. Threshold is neither in nor outside the house and put him on His thighs. Neither in the air nor on ground nor in water. After the sun had set, He tore him apart with His Lion claws. No weapons. Neither day nor night.

None of the provisions of the boon were violated. Afterwards, Prahlad sand a song to pacify Him, and He returned.

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Every Tom,Dick and Harry is telling that UPA is bent upon cornering Modi and put him behind bars.It is rumoured that in Sorhabuddin case, he may be implicated. My imagination ran wild

There was heavy rains and flooding in Gujarat recently. 4 people lost their lives due to flooding. They happen to be muslims. That morning, all the channels - NDTV,Times news channel,CNN-IBN etc, started telling that Modi may be arrested for the murder of innocent muslims. Everyone was shocked - what murder and what Modi has got to do with the death due to flooding.

Arnab Goswami said that they have 5 CDs to prove that Modi engineered the floods into the low lying areas of muslim colony and killed the inocent muslims. The channel promised to reveal the conents in the evening. Like a wild fire, all the channels started blaring that Modi may be arrested for killing innocent muslims mercilessly. The whole country was on tenterhooks - UPA people were jubilant and BJP jittery.

At 7.30 PM Times channel released the CD for public viewing. Nothing was clearly visible. There was a voice telling the PWD Minister to divert the flood water to the low lying muslim settlement. All the CDs showed Modi (plicture not visible) telling the PWD officials to submerge the muslim settlement areas. The duration of the whole show was 5 minutes and Arnab was blabbering some non-sense (as usual) all the time. Then hell broke out.

Doosra Dulhead claimed that all the 4 dead have singed affidavits, stating that Modi killed them. When questioned how the dead can sign the affidavits, she shouted at them, telling you are all hindu fundamentalists. Shabna Azmi said that because of Modi, she could not get her 10th bungalow in Juhu area, because she is a muslim. People like Modi, should be caste aside,she emotionally declared.

Arundathi Roy wrote a very moving article as to how a pregnant woman was forced to swallow flood waters, resulting in the foetus coming out. She said that this happened in the very presence of the PWD minister and officials, srruounded by saffron cadres. She recommened that Modi should be put in electric chair immediately for his Nazi type activities. The entire western world hailed Arundathi Roy and the American Press, recommended a Pulitzer for the gretest exposure of the most inhuman crime.

In the Lok Sabha,UPA demanded immediate arrest of Modi for Nazi type killing. The trio of Lalu, Paswan and Mulayam demanded the immediate hanging of Modi for the killing. They also demanded that every minority death in Gujarat should be probed. They demanded that the proble should cover, the last 100 years. They were greeted with thumping of desks by the ruling UPA members. Karat went to the extent of telling that after hanging Modi, BJP should be banned. There is no place for Hindu fundamentallism. Pranab and Manmohan looked affectionately at Karat.

One Amin, a high placed Secretary in the PWD dept. turned approver. He said that during every monsoon, Modi used to order them to divert the flooding waters to low lying muslim settlements. Congressmen in Gujarrat hailed him, as the next Mahatma.

Bunkum Banerjee, the SC Judge who has to retire at 5 PM on that day, ordered that CBI must take over the case. He passed the order at 4 PM. In the evening it was announced that Banerjee is being appointed as Head of A Committee to look into the Black money in Swiss Banks and HOW NOT TO BRING IT BACK. Later it was announced that it was Manmohan's instructions. Manmohan opined that if all the black money is taken out of Swiss Banks, the banks will collapse without a penny of deposit and the Swiss economy will collapse. India should not commit such a sin. In tune with the peaceful Indian traditions, he has taken such a stand. Switzerland hailed Manmohan singh as the greatest economist of the century. Swedish Nobel Committe is seriously considering Manmohan's name for a Nobel prize in economics.The citation will say that next to Maynard Keynes, Manmohan is another path-breaking economist.

The CBI appealed to the Allhabad High Court to give 365 days custody of Modi after arrest. They also handed over a 40000 page charge-sheet. Modi's lawyer asked as to how they prepared a 40000 page charge sheet in such a short duration, CBI explained that they had been working on the charge sheet, for the last 5 years. In fact, we had given the copy to all channels, two days back they said proudly. Modi's lawyer Jethmalani argued that there is no case, as the deaths occurred due to natural calamity and no arrest and no custody. Quereshi, the Judge felt that 365 days was too high a period and he granted 360 days custody.

On the lively TV debates, Tiwari,Singhvi and Jayanti - who speak truth, nothing but truth and who are embodiments of truthfulness, had a field day in the TV channels. Tiwari said that Modi not only killed innocent people but also wasted precious water. BJP Prasad said that in Leh also people died of flash floods but nobody is being blamed , Singhvi and Jayanti intervened and said the it was natural calamity in Leh and proudly added that there will be no wastage of water because Kalmadi had already made arrangements to take the water from Leh to the Comonwealth games venue. Presssed to give details, Tiwari said that order has been placed on AM services in London to route the water from Leh to the games village in Delhi. He further added that for the sake of water, Kalmadi has signed an agreement for 55000 crores. That shows UPAs concern for water for the masses. Prasad said that the amount involved is very high and AM services deal in courier services. Jayanthi shouted that when a company can safely deliver letters and parcels, can they not deliver water to the GAMES VILLAGE.? There was alround applause from the paid invitees.

Prasad produced a copy of E MAIL to the effect that the contract was for 5000crores only. Tiwari shouted that Kalmadi simply added a zero while signing the contract. Zero has no value. Why make fuss?. In the Lok Sabha, Sports Minister Gill told the BJP to get the contract details through RTI.

All the channels raised the question AFTER MODI, WHO? TNIE''S Aditya Sinha wrote that Modi's wife can take over. But in the next sentence, he said that Modi was a bachelor.

Nitesh Kumar said that he will not allow Modi to enter Bihar. All countries except, Ethiopia announced that Modi will never be granted a visa to enter their respective countries.

When Modi was arrested, Congress leaders in every state celebrated by firing crackers and distributing sweets. With frosting mouth, Rajdeep said that CBI, will question Modi for 24 hours a day, for 360 days. He jubilantly said Modi has to answer atleast 40000 questions. He further thumped his chest, saying that Modi is finished once and for all.

Hindus, BJP, VHP,Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, were silent spectators as usual. Long live Hindu cowardice.

BREAKING NEWS - Kasab of Mumbai attack fame, has appealed to the President of India that after his release, he must be given Indian citizenship. He paid tribute to the hospitality and friendliness of Indian masses. He further stated that he is enjoying 5 star hospitality and this sort of thing, cannot happen in Pakistan.

In the TV debate, Tiwari,Jayanthi and Singhvi forcefully pleaded that Kasab's request should be considered favourably in line with our Ahimsa Dharma and in line with our hospitality traditions - traditions which goes back to thousands of years.

FLASH NEWS - CNN-IBN reliably understands that Modi may be jailed with the hardened criminals for his Nazi type killings.
RC Sharma reports further developements in this sordid saga of genocide.

A committee head by You See Bungleji submitted a report in a record time one hour. After "going through" voluminous records it decided that the flood was no accident, but a delberate act of destruction. The floods were actually caused after Narendra Modi had a conducted a puja for rains.

A fact finding team comprising Lallu, Haram Vilas and Mulayum studied the floods from Ahmedabad Airport VIP Lounge. It found clear instigation by Modi and the Hindu terrorists.

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HuJI ban gives new twist to Mecca Masjid blast case

NEW DELHI: Contrary to Centre's growing estimate that alleged Hindu extremists carried out the May 2007 Mecca Mosque blast in Hyderabad, the United States and the United Nations have held the Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami (HuJI) responsible for it. The UN has, in fact, termed the blast a joint operation of HuJI and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and listed a number of other terror attacks in India in which these outfits were involved.

HuJI's role in the Mecca Mosque blast was highlighted both by the US and the UN while banning the outfit as a `terrorist organisation' and designating its top commander Ilyas Kashmiri as a `global terrorist' having links with al-Qaeda on Friday. Kashmiri had recently been indicted in the US for providing material support to Pakistani-American LeT operative David Coleman Headley.

India had also suspected HuJI's involvement in the Mecca Masjid blasts before stumbling upon evidence linking the terror act to the group aligned with Abhinav Bharat who are suspect in two other attacks on Muslim targets -- the blast at a mosque in Malegaon and at the Ajmer Shrine. It is possible that the UN and US authorities did not check with India for fresh updates on investigation into the crimes, going along with the initial line of Indian investigators.

Their "finding" may trigger a controversy because investigators have uncovered more evidence linking the Mecca Masjid blast which killed 16 people and injured 40 to Hindu extremists.

The US has pointed out that HuJI -- which has been operating in India and Pakistan -- had carried out this terror attack besides several others including the one in Varanasi in March 2007.

Justifying its determination, the US department of state in its statement said: "These actions were taken in consultation with the department of the treasury and the department of justice.... These actions will give US law enforcement additional tools needed to restrict the flow of resources to both HuJI and Mohammad Ilyas Kashmiri."

The same day, the UN too imposed sanctions on both HuJI and its commander Ilyas Kashmiri, subjecting both the entity and the individual to "the assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo". The world body has also listed a number of terror attacks which were carried out by HuJI. Besides the Mecca Masjid blast, these include the twin explosions in Hyderabad in August 2007 and suicide bombing of the US Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, in March 2006 among others.

Though India had banned the outfit long ago, the UN's decision may have its implications in Pakistan as all members of the world body would now be required to implement "asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo" against HuJI and Kashmiri.

Although the American decision gave credence to what Indian investigators had initially suspected on the basis of preliminary findings in the Mecca Masjid blast, it contradicted the recent probe suspecting links of perpetrators of this blast with those of the Malegaon (September 2006), Samjhauta Express (February 2007 in Haryana), and the Ajmer Sharif dargah (October 2007) blasts. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) was recently handed over the probe of the Samjhauta blast case. The investigation will also look into whether all these blasts were actually carried out by Hindu terror outfit Abhinav Bharat or some other Hindu extremists groups.

Though the initial probe had hinted at involvement of Hindu extremist group in the Samjhauta blast, the twist came when the US last year named one Arif Qasmani of Karachi as being involved in the Mumbai suburban train blasts of July 2006 and in the Samjhauta Express blast. The NIA will now have to find out the truth.

The Times of India

What does TOI mandate for NIA "to find the trith"? Truth of HUJI involvement cannot the mandate, given TOI track record.

I posted a reply on 8/8/10. May not appear in TOI, given their track record.

My reply

There seems a sense of disappoinntment that UN has not mentioned hand of Hindu terror in Mecca masjid blast. Actually, it also means that while rushing to slap charges on Hindus, GOI etc did not take updates from USA and UNO and other foreign agencies.

What will GOI and TOI do now? Approach the UN to make them blame Hindus?

Copy of reply preserved and will appear in a blog.

Censored part of comments, in red:
Truncated paRT of comment. TOI avoids hard questions.

What will GOI and TOI do now? Approach the UN to make them blame Hindus?

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TOI dirty tricks

What I posted

So Ms. Geeta cracked under the sword hung by Modi. She cracked because it was her husband's fate that she had ti think of first.

She could have cracked due a sword in 2006 too.

When a sword is hung many crawl when asked to bend. TOI during Emergency DID so

What appeared was the first para. Diametrically changed my meanings.

On TOI of 3/8/10

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The Godhra incident, what actually happened?

Monday, March 15, 2010
The Godhra incident, what actually happened?
After the recent summons from SIT for Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, it may interest some to refresh their memory of what happened at Godhra. The following is a friend's research, of the history of the Godhra incident.

On Feb 27

The Godhra massacre occurred on February 27 at 8 AM. At 8:30 AM –Chief Minister Narendra Modi- then in Ahmedabad- was informed about the carnage. Modi then went to visit Godhra. Modi visited the railway platform-and here gave ‘shoot-at-sight’ orders.

The Hindu in its issue dated 28 February 2002 reported that-

“The Chief Minister Narendra Modi gave shoot-at-sight orders in Godhra”.

The same day (Feb 28)- The Times of India reported in a report titled

“Shoot-at-sight orders, curfew in Godhra” -

“The Gujarat government imposed an indefinite curfew and issued shoot-at-sight orders in Godhra after 57 people were killed and several injured when a mob set the Sabarmati express on fire." The Tribune also reported this.

All English dailies the next reported this- and websites like also reported this- and so did many foreign newspapers.

The Daily Breeze- a US newspaper- reported on 28 February-

“Fearing the attack would ignite sectarian riots, Indian officials immediately stepped up security across this vast, religiously divided nation. The prime minister urged Hindus not to retaliate.”

The same day- the website also reported that the state government had taken all precautions and tightened security to prevent riots.

After this- Narendra Modi returned to Ahmedabad in the evening. On his return to Ahmedabad- 827 people were arrested as a preventive measure. Narendra Modi said this in an interview to India Today weekly dated 18 March 2002- and this is on official records. India Today dated 18 March 2002 also says that preventive arrests were made on Feb 27- without giving the number.

The same day-on February 27- the Gujarat government deployed the entire police force of 70,000 in Gujarat- as per the report of The Hindustan Times dated 28 February 2002- in view of the apprehension that riots may break out in retaliation of burning down of Hindu pilgrims at Godhra.

The Telegraph of UK in its issue of 28th February also reported that more than 70,000 security men had been deployed in Gujarat on 27 February. These foreign dailies also reported that security had not only been tightened in Gujarat- but also in all places with sizable Muslim population in India- on 27 February.

The same day-on February 27- the Gujarat government deployed the Rapid Action Force in Ahmedabad and other sensitive areas and the Centre sent in the CRPF personnel.

This was reported by The Indian Express in its report dated 28 February 2002. The English daily Mid-Day also reported both these things in its issue of 28 Feb.

The Hindu- also reported on Feb 28 that-

“(On Feb 27) The state government has appealed to the people to maintain peace… The Home Minister said the Government was taking necessary steps to ensure that the disturbances did not spread during the bandh tomorrow (i.e. Feb 28).” This was reported by many newspapers on 28 February.

As per information put up on the site -the state also requested for additional forces from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Two companies of Maharashtra Reserve Police Force arrived and were deployed in Surat.


On Feb 28

India Today's report dated 18 March 2002 gives following information:

1- Entire police force of Ahmedabad was deployed on Feb 28–total 6000- out of which only 1500 were armed. The size of the mobs was unprecedented on Feb 28 and the police forces were woefully short.
2- Even though Rapid Action Force was deployed- it too could not prevent the violence.
3- Ahmedabad police received 3500 calls on Feb 28- against an average of 200.
4- Ahmedabad Fire Brigade- which has the capacity to handle 100 calls received 400 calls on that day.
5- The statement of the then Ahmedabad Police Commissioner P.C. Pande also shows that the situation was out of control.

The leading most English daily from South India- The Hindu reported on 1st March 2002- covering events of 28 February –

“The Army units, frantically called by the Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, as the situation seemed to slip out of hand, started arriving in Ahmedabad and are likely to be deployed in the city on Friday.(i.e. 1st March 2002)”

India Today (11 March 2002- covering events till Feb 28)reported on February 28 itself that the Army had been called into Gujarat and that the Chief Minister was caught in a difficult situation.

The police fired 1,000 rounds on Feb 28. A total of 10 Hindus were shot dead in police firing in Ahmedabad alone- and 26 were injured. These are official government figures- and also can be seen from the report of The Hindu- dated 1 March 2002-

“At least 30 others were killed in police firing, stabbing and other incidents in different parts of the city while the casualty in other cities and towns in the State was put at over 50…

Till evening, police fired 46 rounds in Ahmedabad, in which at least 10 persons were believed to have been killed.”

The Indian Express and The Hindu both reported on 1st March 2002 itself that Army units started arriving in Ahmedabad on the night of Feb 28. They reached so quickly that these dailies had time to report their arrival and publish it the next day. Indian Express also reported George Fernandes' arrival at 1:00 am in the morning of 1st March- in its issue of 1st March itself.

The Indian Express in its online edition of Feb 28 reported at 4:29 PM that 1,000 paramilitary forces are being desptached to Gujarat- on Narendra Modi's request.

CURFEW WAS PLACED IN 26 TOWNS AND CITIES ON FEB 28 ITSELF- as per the reports of all newspapers the next day. The Hindu reported on 1st march 2002-

"An indefinite curfew has been clamped in 26 cities and towns in the State, including parts of Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, Nadiad, Anand and Kaira in addition to the indefinite curfew in force in Godhra since Wednesday.”

On 1st March

On the next day- i.e. 1st March 2002- the Army staged a flag march in Ahmedabad at 11:30 AM. The Hindu reported on 2nd March 2002-

“The Army began flag marches in the worst-affected areas of Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot and Godhra cities and the `shoot at sight’ order was extended to all 34 curfew-bound cities and towns in Gujarat”. The title of the report itself was- “Shoot orders in many Gujarat towns, toll over 200”.

The Indian Express reported on 2nd March-

“The police, its credibility lowest than ever, tried to salvage its reputation intervening in some clashes by opening fire. Twenty were killed in police firing across the state, 12 in Ahmedabad. (On 1st March 2002)”

On 1st March 2002- the Police saved 2,500 Muslims from certain death when they were attacked by 8,000 armed tribals in Sanjeli, a town in North Gujarat. This was reported by weekly India Today in its issue dated 22 April 2002.

On March 2

On the third day of the riots- i.e. 2nd March 2002- the police shotdead 47 people in Gujarat- including 19 in Ahmedabad- as per the report of The Hindu dated 3rd March 2002. The Hindu reported-

“Even while claiming that the situation was improving, Mr. Modi said the police fired at least 1,031 rounds in different parts of the State since last night besides bursting 1,614 teargas shells to disperse violent mobs. While 19 people were killed in police firing in Ahmedabad and eight in Godhra, six people were killed in police firing in Baroda, five in Anand, three each in Mehsana and Gandhinagar, two in Kaira and one in Bhavnagar.”

The same day- The Indian Express reported- “(One 2nd March)The toll went up to over 450 as police recovered more bodies and 77 more people were killed either in police or Army firing”.

India Today dated 22 April 2002 says-

"In the carnage that ensued after the February 27 Godhra killings, 8,000 armed tribals descended on the town of 8,000 in the tribal heartland of Dahod district (i.e. Sanjeli). Bows, stones and gunshots rained on the fleeing Muslims, killing 15. Police intervention meant another 2,500 were spared a savage death … In an identical display of insanity, around 7,000 armed tribals marched into Bodeli town in Chotte-Udepur tribal area of Vadodara district intent on massacring the Muslims who had taken shelter there after being driven out of the neighbouring villages. While hundreds were saved by the police, Vadodara District Collector Bhagyesh Jha and other senior officers were fired upon by tribals as they tried to rescue the trapped Muslims.

Tragedy was also averted by the police and army at Viramgam town near Ahmedabad where over 15,000 Hindus, mostly armed OBC Thakores, burnt 250 Muslim houses…”

The website seems to be an official site of the Indian Embassy in USA. It says-

“In Mora village of Panchmahal district, SDM, Mamlatdar and police rushed to the spot where the crowd was gathered, dispersed the crowd and saved the lives of 400 people by shifting them to a safe place.

On receipt of information on 3rd March 2002 a madarsa in

Asoj, in Vagodia,Vadodara district was likely to be attacked, nearly 40 persons including 22 children were evacuated to a safe place.

On the night of 2/3 March 2002, in Dahod, the police escorted over 2000 persons belonging to minority community to a safe place, rescuing them from the mob that had gathered from surrounding 28 villages.

In Surat city, protection was provided to about 60 persons and mosque in Nana Varacha area.

On receipt of information that some women and children were trapped in a mosque, Surat police escorted them to a safe place.

On receipt of information that 100 persons were trapped near Rita society opposite Yateem Khana Jain Mandir, the police immediately rushed there and dispersed the mob, but found no persons trapped inside. Surat police immediately provided protection requested for by 12-15 houses of Muslims near Khoja Masjid.”

Police records and figures given by the Union Home Ministry as well as figures given by weekly India Today in its issue dated 18 March 2002 reveal that as many as 98 people were killed in the first three days in police firing.

As per official government figures given to B P Singhal-whp wrote in an article in Organsier dated 9 October 2005-

"The truth is that the total number of riot-related accused that came to light in entire Gujarat was 25,486 (17,489 Hindus and 7,997 Muslims). The efficiency of the Police can be gauged from the fact that out of the above mentioned number, as many as 25,204 accused were arrested- out of which 17,348 were Hindus and 7,856 were Muslims. The police in Gujarat was therefore not sleeping at any time.

The maximum number of relief camps opened up during riots was 159. At a given point of time the figure varied as certain camps were closed down and certain new camps were opened up. As on 5.3.2002, out of the 98 refugee/relief camps opened, 85 were for Muslims while 13 were for Hindus… On the other hand, there was a contrast of night and day in the versions of riots as projected by the national English media as against the sharply contrasting versions appearing in the local Gujarati papers of all hues…”

Until 18 April 2002-more Hindus were killed in police firing than Muslims. As per the Telegraph dated 21 April 2002- as on 6 April 2002- 77 Hindus were killed in police firing out od\f total 126 killed in police firing by then. The final figures are 77 Hindus and 93 Muslims- because after 3rd March 2002- riots were almost all started by Muslims.


Water Engineer said...

A great piece of research.

Please permit me to publish and publicise it.

As per TOI, one question of SIT was: Why was the Army called t

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hree days after the riots?

Those SIT morons do not know how to reckon the days. Is it three days from 28 Feb to March 1?

Karmasura said...

Go ahead and do it Water Engineer.. the post is meant for that purpose only.

And for others who come by, my message is the same. If you agree with the post, go ahead and spread it.